Principal Field Application Engineer, Arm Taiwan

Odin Shen is the Principal Field Application Engineer at Arm. He is responsible for providing the technical and solution services of Arm machine learning and automotive technology for Taiwan sales enablement.

Before joining Arm, Odin served as algorithm developer at IC design house for four years. He holds U.S. and China patents in noise cancellation, and his algorithm has been applied in several smartphone and notebook product lines. Odin also has seven years' experience in the semiconductor industry, specializing in multicore cache coherence architecture and System-On-Chip software/hardware co-design methodology. He holds U.S. multicore cache coherence and networking offload patents.

Odin is recognized as an ISO-26262 expert in Taiwan, as well as an SGS-TÜV certified semiconductor automotive functional safety professional (SC-AFSP). He is also an open source developer, owning several community blogs on machine learning edge influence.

Odin has a master’s degree from the Institution of Communication at National Tsing Hua University. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the graduate school of Electronics Engineering, National Taiwan University.  




Oct 22
How Edge AI is Reshaping the World Now and in the Near Future

Odin Shen

Principal Field Application Engineer / Arm Taiwan

Artificial intelligence and machine learning widely dominate today's technological world, and their impact on the future is in sight. From business, academic, and day-to-day perspectives, AI and ML ar...

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