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Andreas Riexinger

Business Development Manager Open Source, Robert Bosch GmbH

Since late 2016, Andreas Riexinger has driven Bosch automated driving solutions as a business development manager (open-source) for Robert Bosch GmbH. Andreas has worked in different areas of Robert Bosch GmbH for over 20 years, in which he has gained experience in the development of embedded software and management of IT projects.

Since the foundation of the OpenADx Eclipse Working Group in June 2019, he is also their speaker. Andreas will give an overview about future mobility and the role of open-source software.  




(Autonomous) Mobility of the Future and Open Source – A Good Idea?

Andreas Riexinger

Business Development Manager Open Source / Robert Bosch GmbH

Available from October 6 Our world is changing, and the change is visible everywhere. More than 50% of the population is living in cities and the cities are growing. More and more goods and people ne...

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