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Andrea Gallo

Vice President of Business Development, Linaro

Andrea Gallo is Vice President of Business Development at Linaro. Former Director of the Enterprise Group, he started the Arm Server engineering activities at Linaro in 2012.

Before joining Linaro, Andrea was Fellow at ST-Ericsson and former Application manager at STMicroelectronics. As a teenage freelance programmer, he wrote games and toolkits in Z80 and Arm assembly and C for Italian and UK magazines.

In 1987 and 1988 he served as summer trainee at Acorn Computers, working on the first Arm processor.  




Enabling the Software Defined Vehicle Revolution

Andrea Gallo

Vice President of Business Development / Linaro

Available from October 6 Software Defined Vehicle is a disruptive transition in the automotive industry from multiple embedded fixed function ECUs to one central automotive server. This talk will a...

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