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Jeff Rogers

Founder, Vice President of Sales, Sensory Inc.

As a co-founder and Vice President of Sales, Jeff has been involved and influential in the development and design of hundreds of products over the last 26 years that use speech and computer vision technologies.

Jeff’s focus on how to implement Sensory technologies into real world products has played an important role in Sensory’s success in the market. Jeff has licensed Sensory technologies to many leading companies such as Amazon, Google, GoPro, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Spotify, Zoom, and many more.  




Oct 21
17:30 - 18:45
Building and Enabling Large Vocabulary Voice Control with Arm Cortex M7

Jeff Rogers

Founder, Vice President of Sales / Sensory Inc.

Sensory will demonstrate our VoiceHub platform, which is free for developers, to create custom wake words, phrase spotted voice control and large vocabulary grammars with NLU. All embedded voice mode...

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