Principal System Solutions Architect, Scalys

With a background in computer engineering Evert started as an FPGA Developer with Thales Group, moving into the (embedded) software field at Sintecs in 2011. With a passion for complex systems and integration of different disciplines, Evert is involved in a variety of projects ranging from schematic design to BSP release.

As Technical Lead and Architect, Evert was part of the H2020 dRedBox project. He played a key role in hardware platform design, development, and integration, resulting in a functional and integrated platform which was demonstrated during the project evaluation. In 2017, Evert became the technical lead and architect at Scalys, a subsidiary of Sintecs.  




Oct 19
16:00 - 16:50
Enclave Device Blueprint for Confidential Computing at the Edge

Evert Pap

Principal System Solutions Architect / Scalys

Emergent Internet of Things (IoT) edge compute patterns such as data-driven command and control of critical infrastructure, privacy, safe AI demands confidential computing in IoT. But high complexity...

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