Standards Architect and Fellow, Arm

Dong Wei is an Arm Fellow and Lead Standards Architect of the Architecture and Technology Group at Arm Limited. He leads the Arm SystemReady certification program with definitions of the hardware, firmware requirements for the Arm-based systems in the cloud data center, industrial edge and IoT markets.

He also leads the system manageability and security requirements for these systems. In this standards-based effort, he covers industry standards such as PCI Express, Trusted Computing, CXL, UEFI, ACPI, DMTF, IPMI, NIST, and OCP.

Dong is a Board member of PCI SIG and co-chairs its Firmware/Software Working Group. He is a Board member and Secretary of the CXL Consortium. He is the Chief Executive and a Board member of the UEFI Forum and co-chairs its ACPI Working Group. He is also a member on the Open Compute Project Incubation Committee.

Before joining Arm, Dong was a VP and Fellow at HPE and HP focusing on the system architecture for the PA-RISC, Itanium, x86, RISC-V, and Arm systems.  




Oct 19
16:00 - 17:00
What's new in SystemReady? Certification That Just Works

Dong Wei

Standards Architect and Fellow / Arm

Arm announced at the last DevSummit the SystemReady compliance certification program to enable operating systems to 'just work' on Arm-based servers, infrastructure edge, and embedded IoT systems. A l...

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