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Workshop: Simplified Computer Vision Development for Real-World Embedded Devices

Oct 19
16:00 - 17:15


Aurelien Lequertier

Lead User Success Engineer, Edge Impulse

Performing computer vision on embedded Arm Cortex-M-based devices is not an easy task. In this hands-on workshop edge Impulse is teaming up with Arduino to show you how it has simplified end-to-end computer vision application development on microcontrollers.

The session will walk you through the full process from collecting your data, creating and training your model, to deploying the computer vision application to the Arduino Portenta, all by keeping in mind the constraints of your device.

There are some additional system requirements for this session. If you're interested in taking part, log into your DevSummit profile and save the workshop session to your agenda. Once saved, we will send you further instructions.

Please note, we’re limiting space in each workshop session to ensure a quality experience for every participant, so hurry and reserve your seat for this hands-on experience. If you don't manage to reserve a hands-on spot, you can still watch all workshops live.


Workshop: Simplified Computer Vision Development for Real-World Embedded Devices
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> Hector Luna-Ramirez
Mechanic Engineer / Magic Leap

It was nice getting the HW before hand. I was able to set it up, but ran into some issues. Luckily I was able to work them out and later got it all working similar to the demo. It is amazing what can run on such small HW. I look forward to playing around more with the HW and seeing how far the ARM chip can be pushed. Thank you for doing the demo and the documentation.

1 day ago
> Tibor Futó
Principal Design Engineer / Excellent Products Int. Kft.

Unfortunately this was not a workshop, and does not qualify even for a good demo. A workshop should be hands-on, intensive, lots of activity, lots of information to learn. (Could also involve some few hours of previous learning theory and tools.) The information presented here could have been best provided as a written entry-level tutorial, or on-demand webinar. The relevance to ARM is almost zero.

2 days ago
> Khaled MENDACI
Assistant Professor / University of Oum El Bouaghi

Thank you for the workshop.

2 days ago


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