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Performance and Purpose: The New Compute Imperative


Simon Segars

Chief Executive Officer, Arm

For more than 30 years, the Arm ecosystem – with millions of hardware engineers and software developers – has delivered shared success across generations of computing.

Each new technology wave, from mobile to 5G, IoT to AI, and embedded to supercomputing, has created its own legacy, sparking the world’s potential.

Now is the time to bring everything we’ve learnt together to address the greatest challenges and opportunities humankind has ever faced. The objective: delivering high-performing, energy-efficient technology everywhere to bring about an exciting, economically vibrant, and sustainable future.

Link: https://www.arm.com/campaigns/5g-solutions-lab
Link: http://www.arm.com/security-manifesto-2021

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Performance and Purpose: The New Compute Imperative
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> Frunze Dzvakeryan
Staff Engineer / DSG

Thank you! Always great and inspiring :)

20 hours ago
> Abid Ali Khan N
Assistant Professor / Vasavi College of Engineering (A)

Very informative session to walk through from the inception of ARM to the current offerings. Also, giving a glimpse of ARM in next couple of decades in AI/ML & Data-driven applications.

3 days ago
> sherry fan
Technical Manager / tsmc

Very impressive and informative presentation !

4 days ago


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