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The Internet of Wild Things: Acoustics, AI and Conservation

Oct 20
17:30 - 17:50


Topher White’s organization, Rainforest Connection, is at the cutting edge of conservation technology, using a network of acoustic sensors and AI to immediately detect illegal logging and poaching and monitor biodiversity in the world’s most threatened ecosystems.

No other source of data gives us a better picture of the biodiversity make-up and change at scale than acoustic data. Ecoacoustic studies have proven to be uniquely powerful in understanding the health and make-up of ecosystems, but methods of capture and analysis have been expensive, effort-intensive, and case-specific.

RFCx is developing tools to continuously capture and analyze acoustic data to empower everyone from biologists to non-profits to citizen scientists to governmental bodies to local people, to better understand how biodiversity is rapidly shifting, and to guide conservation. The organization has been collecting data streams in projects around the world for over six years with data across 38 countries.



Advancing Interactive Intelligence

Manny Singh

Principal Marketing Manager / Renesas Electronics

Mohammed Dogar

Senior Director Global Business Development / Renesas Electronics

The world has changed significantly over the past year or so, putting more pressure and urgency on how we use the digital products around us more intelligently and efficiently. There is a significant shift in the way we interact with one another and...

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Running Neural Networks in a Real-time Game Engine

Alexandre Ribard

Machine Learning Engineer / Unity

Neural networks have brought significant improvements to many areas of real-time 3D, such as scene construction, gameplay, rendering and so on. However, deploying neural networks across different consumer devices at an interactive framerate is not ye...

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Ahead of the Plasticity Curve: AI, Biology and Technology

Ian Bratt

Fellow and Senior Director of Technology, Machine Learning Group / Arm

Neuroplasticity allows our brains to continually adapt and learn through new experiences. Ian Bratt, Arm machine learning group Fellow, uses this biological concept to discuss the advance of AI – identifying parallels with the evolution of the most...

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