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Enclave Device Blueprint for Confidential Computing at the Edge

Oct 19
16:00 - 16:50


Emergent Internet of Things (IoT) edge compute patterns such as data-driven command and control of critical infrastructure, privacy, safe AI demands confidential computing in IoT. But high complexity in engineering requisite enclave devices with trusted execution environments (TEE) is impeding confidential computing at the edge.

Scalys, Arm, and Microsoft took on this challenge to deliver enclave device blueprint for confidential computing from edge to cloud.



Introducing Keil Studio and Cloud-based Development for IoT and Embedded Applications

Christopher Seidl

Senior Product Manager / Arm Germany GmbH

Ronan Synnott

Principal Solutions Architect / Arm

Successful IoT implementations require collaboration and a robust ecosystem of support and tools. Keil Studio cloud embraces the Open-CMSIS-Pack initiative and provides a cloud-native platform with direct Git integration for collaboration of distribu...

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What's New in SystemReady?

Dong Wei

Standards Architect and Fellow / Arm

Arm announced at the last DevSummit the SystemReady compliance certification program to enable operating systems to 'just work' on Arm-based servers, infrastructure edge, and embedded IoT systems. A lot of significant development's happened since the...

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Building and Enabling Large Vocabulary Voice Control with Arm Cortex M7

Jeff Rogers

Founder, Vice President of Sales / Sensory Inc.

Sensory will demonstrate our VoiceHub platform, which is free for developers, to create custom wake words, phrase spotted voice control and large vocabulary grammars with NLU. All embedded voice models will be built, exported and demonstrated on an...

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