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Enclave Device Blueprint for Confidential Computing at the Edge

Oct 19
07:00 - 07:00


Eustace Asanghanwa

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Paul Howard

Principal System Solutions Architect, Arm

Femi Idowu

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect , Microsoft

Evert Pap

Principal System Solutions Architect, Scalys

Emergent Internet of Things (IoT) edge compute patterns such as data-driven command and control of critical infrastructure, privacy, safe AI demands confidential computing in IoT. But high complexity in engineering requisite enclave devices with trusted execution environments (TEE) is impeding confidential computing at the edge.

Scalys, Arm, and Microsoft took on this challenge to deliver enclave device blueprint for confidential computing from edge to cloud.


Enclave Device Blueprint for Confidential Computing at the Edge
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