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Getting Started on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oct 20
16:00 - 16:50


Developers can now run cloud-native and general-purpose workloads on Arm-based instances with significant price-performance benefits on Oracle cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The OCI Ampere A1 Compute platform can be easily provisioned to meet a wide variety of compute requirements from the smallest fractional workloads to the largest clusters.

This session will show how to get started with Oracle’s first Arm-based compute offering, OCI Ampere A1 Compute.



Let’s Get Hands-on with AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 Instances

Arthur Petitpierre

Senior Specialist Solution Architect / Amazon Web Services

AWS Graviton processors are custom-built by Amazon Web Services using 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores. During this workshop, we'll guide you to setup AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 Instances and deploy container-based workloads with multi-architecture sup...

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Myth Buster: Hyper-efficient Massive MiMo 5G Platform Based on ORAN, COTS, and CloudNative?

Soma Veyalutham

Industry General Manager / NVIDIA

Kuntal Chowdhury

Senior Executive / Mavenir

Panch Chandrasekran

Director, Carrier Infrastructure Segment Marketing / Arm

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Get Started with Arm-based Kubernetes Clusters

Jeevan Joseph

Principial Solution Architect / Oracle

This workshop walks the user through creating an Arm based Kubernetes cluster, powered by the Ampere A1 compute platform in Oracle cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You will also deploy applications on to the Kubernetes cluster. Using the methods in this...

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