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The Value and Path to SystemReady IR Certification


Olivier Bernard

Director, High Performance IoT, Arm

Grant Likely

Senior Technical Director, Software Architecture, Arm

This session will provide a specific overview of Arm SystemReady-IR, its value proposition and its enabled SW. We'll do a technical dive into SystemReady IR, components, problem solving and meaning to the Developer’s community. We'll also look at how to build and test a SystemReady-IR (ODMs, OEMs, FW developers) across Silicon Platforms and how to use OS with SystemReady-IR with Commercial OS (Debian OpenSuse, Fedora) or purpose-built (Yocto, OpenWRT).

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The Value and Path to SystemReady IR Certification
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> Marcin Juszkiewicz
SSE / Why should I provide company name?

That was GREAT talk!

2 days ago
> Patric Patrick
Service Desk / Si ERA™ an ABC TransAtlantic Company

I am interested on the mineral as our continent participate in contributing in the Raw elements we have Millennials in GAP when it comes to infrastructure and employment. Seeking an none invasive approach where we can self-determine the future of our Ressources and Technology oversight.

2 days ago


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Buckle Up. The Software-defined Car is Here


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Workshop: Introducing Keil Studio and Cloud-based Development for IoT and Embedded Applications

Christopher Seidl

Senior Product Manager / Arm Germany GmbH

Ronan Synnott

Principal Solutions Architect / Arm

Successful IoT implementations require collaboration and a robust ecosystem of support and tools. Keil Studio cloud embraces the Open-CMSIS-Pack initiative and provides a cloud-native platform with direct Git integration for collaboration of distribu...

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Keeping Up with the Times in Your Arm-based Application

Shawn A. Prestridge

US FAE Team Manager / IAR Systems, Inc.

The complexity of embedded applications has grown exponentially over the last decade. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest drivers is the relentless pursuit of greater functionality for an embedded system, some of which is requeste...

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