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Disrupting the HPC Balance (again) - Stories from the Cloud

Oct 20
16:00 - 16:50


HPC has always been a novel race between the technologists squeezing performance, and scale economics driving the mass-production prices to affordable levels.

The first cluster ('Beowulf') was an amalgam of both forces: commodity desktop CPUs and super modern 10 Mbit networking to make up in scale what each CPU lacked in horsepower.

It should be no shock that today a processor made popular in cellphones should be at the heart of a performance revolution, with cloud driving the economics.



The Internet of Wild Things: Acoustics, AI and Conservation

Topher White

Chief Executive Officer and Founder / Rainforest Connection (RFCx)

Topher White’s organization, Rainforest Connection, is at the cutting edge of conservation technology, using a network of acoustic sensors and AI to immediately detect illegal logging and poaching and monitor biodiversity in the world’s most threaten...

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Environmental Data Acquisition and Processing

Gabriel Kiarie

Research Intern / Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Ecosystems around the world are suffering from degradation due to human activity. To determine ecosystems at risk, it is important to monitor these ecosystems continuously. In this workshop we aim to demonstrate two technologies, namely acoustic m...

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Containers Over-The-Air: Building Your First Edge AI Device the Easy Way!

David Tischler

Developer Advocate / Balena

In this workshop, I will teach attendees hands-on how to easily build a fully functional edge AI device, using a Jetson Nano, containers, and the balenacloud dashboard. We will go through the process in a thorough, classroom-style workflow, and I wi...

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