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Buckle Up. The Software-defined Car is Here


Robert Day

Director, Automotive Partnerships, Arm

Stefano Marzani

Principal Specialist SA, Autonomous Driving, Amazon Web Services

Pierre Olivier

Chief Technology Officer, LeddarTech

Martin Schleicher

Head of Software Strategy, Continental

Brian Fuller

Editor in Chief, Arm

Compute performance in cars used to be equated to the number of processors inside. But auto makers have embraced a more centralized computing strategy, replacing scores of microcontrollers and microprocessors with fewer but more powerful SoCs. With these zonal processors, the car can truly become software-defined.

Four industry experts offer their insights into this transformation, and share the challenges and opportunities that come with bringing more flexible, pervasive intelligence to cars.

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Buckle Up. The Software-defined Car is Here
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> Aya Dlova
Office Manager / Cortex Hub

Excellent moderation by Brian and I appreciate the comment by Martin that consumers will expect the cars to keep having updates. This will give consumers peace of mind in knowing their vehicles software will always be up to date for the efficiency of the car.

4 days ago
> Qirfiraz Siddiqui
CEO / Smart Bumper Sticker Inc

keep up the good work

6 days ago
> Qirfiraz Siddiqui
CEO / Smart Bumper Sticker Inc

very useful

6 days ago


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Open Source Software and the Next Decade of Innovation


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Open Source software has been with us now for decades. The latest milestone to mark is the 30th birthday of Linux just a few short weeks ago. Since its launch, individuals, companies, and entire industries have pivoted around the impact of Open Sourc...

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The Value and Path to SystemReady IR Certification

Olivier Bernard

Director, High Performance IoT / Arm

Grant Likely

Senior Technical Director, Software Architecture / Arm

This session will provide a specific overview of Arm SystemReady-IR, its value proposition and its enabled SW. We'll do a technical dive into SystemReady IR, components, problem solving and meaning to the Developer’s community. We'll also look at how...

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NanoEdge AI Studio – A Powerful Solution to Develop EdgeAI Solutions Quickly and Efficiently

Louis Gobin

Field Application Engineer / STMicroelectronics

Markus Mayr

Product Marketing Manager / STMicroelectronics

In this 30 minute live demo presentation, we will show you how to develop a full end to end “smart device solution” based on ToF sensor, without any skills in AI. Sensor selection, signal acquisition, signal processing and machine learning algorit...

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