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Buckle Up. The Software-defined Car is Here

Oct 20
16:00 - 16:50


Compute performance in cars used to be equated to the number of processors inside. But auto makers have embraced a more centralized computing strategy, replacing scores of microcontrollers and microprocessors with fewer but more powerful SoCs. With these zonal processors, the car can truly become software-defined.

Four industry experts offer their insights into this transformation, and share the challenges and opportunities that come with bringing more flexible, pervasive intelligence to cars.



Accelerating System Level Verification of Arm CoreLink CMN-700 based SoCs and Systems

Nick Heaton

Distinguished Engineer / Cadence

David Koenen

Senior Product Manager of Interconnect IP / Arm

With the new generation of cache-coherent mesh interconnects used in SoCs and systems for high-performance computing (HPC) and data center applications, verification challenges continue to grow. The new generation of Coherent Mesh Network (CMN) is...

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How BYD Auto Can Be Digital and Intelligent Based on Semiconductor Technology

Han Bing

President Assistant and Director of Auto Product Planning & New Technology Research Institute / BYD

As the electrification, digitization, connectivity, and intellectualization of automobile rise, the new electronic-electrical architectures are undergoing an evolution from “distributed” to “centralized”, so as to adapt to the development and challen...

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Design with Systems in Mind

Victoria Mitchell

Vice President, Systems Engineering / Arm

Compute complexity is increasing and it’s becoming harder to deliver ever more power-efficient and cost-effective devices. Arm’s approach starts with the system, co-developing hardware, software, and tools that work better together. In this keynote...

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