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Tencent's Exploration and Practice on the Arm Server


Li Chengdong

Hardware & Software Co-optimization Architect, Tencent Cloud and Smart Industries Group

Known for reliable performance, Arm architecture processors have been extensively adopted in data centers and cloud computing because of multiple cores, low power consumption, and low overhead features. Arm-based servers equal x86 servers in performance, and are superior in multi-threading capabilities and power consumption.

Tencent's demand for Arm architecture server is increasing, and the demand for Arm architecture software is growing too. Arm and Tencent Cloud are working together to continuously enable and optimize relevant software, such as JDK and MySQL on Arm Neoverse architecture through performance testing, data exchange, and technical workshops.

Li ChengDong, software-hardware co-optimization architect of Tencent Cloud Quality Department, will discuss Tencent's exploration and practice on Arm server. This will cover Arm server adoption in Tencent Cloud, Tencent's self-developed cloud service performance testing framework TencentBench, and the evaluation results of Tencent in virtualization engineering, Tencent KonaJDK, and TDSQL databases — demonstrating the advantages of Arm servers in computing performance, power consumption and scalability.

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Tencent's Exploration and Practice on the Arm Server
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