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What's new in SystemReady? Certification That Just Works


Dong Wei

Standards Architect and Fellow, Arm

Arm announced at the last DevSummit the SystemReady compliance certification program to enable operating systems to 'just work' on Arm-based servers, infrastructure edge, and embedded IoT systems. A lot of significant development's happened since then.

This presentation will provide updates to the program requirement specifications, test suites, certification process, waiver policies, and pre-silicon compliance testing, as well as its relationship to the PSA-Certified program.

This session will also showcase the certified systems, and give a glimpse into the pipeline established for upcoming certifications.

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What's new in SystemReady? Certification That Just Works
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> RajGautam Dutta
CEO / Silicon Assurance LLC

Great Q&A session

2 days ago
> Andrei Warkentin
Arm Enablement Architect / VMware

Great session, Dong

2 days ago


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