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CI/CD and MLOps Workflow for IoT Endpoint Development


Reinhard Keil

Senior Director of Embedded Tools, Arm

Today, the validation process for IoT endpoint applications relies heavily on target hardware with manual user interaction. For automated CI/CD workflows a robust test environment with controlled, repeatable input stimuli is required.

Fast Models combined with Python scripting provide this for unit and integration testing. Using a flexible tool flow, applications can be validated in simulation on CI/CD or MLOps environments, verified for correctness on hardware, and deployed to the final system.

Learn more: https://www.arm.com/virtual-hardware

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CI/CD and MLOps Workflow for IoT Endpoint Development
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> Gordon Margulieux
HW/SW Design Engineer/Consultant / GLMC Engineering

The slides were too smalll. I would have liked to download the presentation.

2 days ago


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Workshop: Building and Enabling Large Vocabulary Voice Control with Arm Cortex M7

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Tales from the Edge: Project Cassini and the World of Cloud Native Beyond the Data Center


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