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Keeping Up with the Times in Your Arm-based Application

Oct 19
19:00 - 19:25


The complexity of embedded applications has grown exponentially over the last decade. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest drivers is the relentless pursuit of greater functionality for an embedded system, some of which is requested by customers; it could also be mandated in the desire to keep up with competition.

Other reasons for greater complexity include emerging industry standards that are often driven by legislation (particularly regarding embedded security), and outdated (EoL) or hard-to-source parts that necessitate a device upgrade, e.g., from a 32- to a 64-bit core.

This added complexity means more time developing more software that requires more resources from your selected device, plus having to make sure that all the software plays nice with all the other parts of the system. When you add in the fact that development teams are spread around the globe, how do you keep up?

In this session, we’re going to cover modern best practices for your Arm-based embedded applications, including code quality, code efficiency, application security, DevOps pipeline integration, and more for keeping up with the times in a holistic approach.



Introducing Keil Studio and Cloud-based Development for IoT and Embedded Applications

Christopher Seidl

Senior Product Manager / Arm Germany GmbH

Ronan Synnott

Principal Solutions Architect / Arm

Successful IoT implementations require collaboration and a robust ecosystem of support and tools. Keil Studio cloud embraces the Open-CMSIS-Pack initiative and provides a cloud-native platform with direct Git integration for collaboration of distribu...

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Ahead of the Plasticity Curve: AI, Biology and Technology

Ian Bratt

Fellow and Senior Director of Technology, Machine Learning Group / Arm

Neuroplasticity allows our brains to continually adapt and learn through new experiences. Ian Bratt, Arm machine learning group Fellow, uses this biological concept to discuss the advance of AI – identifying parallels with the evolution of the most...

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Simplified Computer Vision Development for Real-World Embedded Devices

Aurelien Lequertier

Lead User Success Engineer / Edge Impulse

Performing computer vision on embedded Arm Cortex-M-based devices is not an easy task. In this hands-on workshop edge Impulse is teaming up with Arduino to show you how it has simplified end-to-end computer vision application development on microcont...

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