Blynk IoT platform offers a full suite of software allowing to prototype, deploy, and remotely manage connected electronic devices at any scale: from small IoT projects to millions of commercial connected products.

With Blynk, you can connect hardware to the cloud and use pre-made app modules to build iOS, Android, and web applications ready for the end-users, all without hiring a design or engineering team. Blynk offering includes secure private cloud infrastructure, sensor data visualization, device management, environmental monitoring, remote control of equipment, firmware over-the-air updates, digital twinning, rule and notification controls, multi-tenancy (user management) with role and permission settings, aggregated data analytics, machine learning and more. Over 500,000 developers and business clients in 136 countries use Blynk spanning industries from Smart Home and Agriculture to HVAC and Asset Tracking. Platform is offered branded or white-labeled.

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