Arduino provides tools and products to exploit AI and Machine Learning at the very edge, right where things happen. Connect business logic with IoT sensor data faster than ever before using Arduino IoT Cloud and production-ready certified hardware.

Arduino is an open source platform based on easy-to-use yet secure digital tools. Arduino boards can read data from the world, send it to the Cloud, make smart decisions, and respond via actuators. The Arduino Cloud is a safe online dashboard to program and monitor boards remotely. Arduino software connects to professionally-rated debugging tools for the most demanding applications. Arduino is straightforward, simple, and powerful, ready to satisfy users' needs from school and all the way to professional developers.

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Portenta H7

Arduino Pro Brochure 2022


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Oct 20
16:00 - 17:00
Low Code Development of a TinyML Predictive Maintenance Solution

We're going to explain how to quickly develop an anomaly detection solution using the Arduino Portenta hardware and the Arduino software framework. Arduino has championed low-code to enable high pro...

Massimo Banzi

Co-Founder, Arduino SA

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