Thank you to everyone who has submitted a proposal to speak at Arm DevSummit 2021. We’re now assessing all the entries and planning our speaker shortlist.

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Technical Sessions

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Call For Papers Key Dates

Call for papers launch: May 13

Call for papers deadline: June 11

Technical Program Committee voting: June 15 - 22

Speakers' acceptance emails sent out: July 7



This year’s DevSummit content runs along seven conference tracks.

Tune into whichever interests you the most, and watch the rest on demand.

Cloud Native for the Endpoint, Edge and the Cloud

With Arm technology percolating across hyperscale datacenters, 5G networks and the edge, software developers are readying operating systems, tools and modern language support for containers and virtualization for Arm-based environments. These sessions teach best practices for cloud-native development for the Arm architecture across the ecosystem.

The Future of Mobility is Software Defined

Increasing amounts of autonomous technologies and electrification are redefining the future of mobility in the automotive industry, delivering more safe, efficient and accessible solutions to a global population. As a result, automotive systems are moving from solutions that leverage simple, discrete ECU components to ones that use heterogeneous compute technologies deployed in SoCs and subsystems. This, in turn, is raising software complexity. Similar trends are apparent in adjacent fields such as industrial robotics. Cloud-native design is being embraced to minimize this complexity and help scale software-defined automotive solutions that must deliver on real-time and functional safety requirements. This track will deliver insight and knowledge to developers navigating the journey to the software-defined vehicle.

Developing Interactive Consumer Experiences

There has never been a more exciting time to be a mobile or laptop developer—from rapid advances in machine learning, to the many applications of augmented reality, and the explosion of social content creation and mobile gaming. Underpin this with a renewed imperative for securing private data, and there is a lot to learn and consider. Join us for industry trends, hands-on workshops, cutting-edge development techniques, and tools that help you optimize performance as you develop on Arm.

Practical Software Development for a Productive IoT

IoT is entering a phase of wide adoption and scale-up, but challenges remain—connectivity, security, efficient data processing and handling, to name a few. However, the emergence of machine learning-capable endpoints, a drive toward increased standardization of key capabilities, and maturation of underlying technologies are opening up a road to a faster development. This track equips IoT software developers with knowledge of the latest tools, trends, and technology to chart an accelerated path from prototype to production.

AI in the Real World: From Development to Deployment

The explosion of data combined with the latest innovations in software have brought AI and machine learning to the forefront of technology. From using complex neural networks to fighting global pandemics, to helping a robot solve Rubik’s cube with machine learning, developers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Meet with machine learning engineers and technology experts to gain hands-on experience to develop the future of AI for all.

Hardware Design Methodology

Modern chip design has moved beyond silicon. Demands for increasingly complex multicore, secure, and low-power systems are increasing while designers are leveraging new processor and offload schemes to deliver efficient, targeted solutions. Learn how advances in modelling and tools are evolving hardware and software co-design and how EDA and design services are helping define new and exciting markets for established chip and platform vendors.

Optimizing Arm Technology for HPC, Cloud and 5G Infrastructure

High Performance Computing (HPC), cloud and 5G infrastructure require extensive optimization to capture the performance capabilities of the underlying hardware and software. Gain insight into balancing workloads, multithreading or more cost-effective performance and techniques for distributed data storage and high bandwidth networks. Speakers will also provide an overview of the ecosystem of tools, software and development platforms – including how Arm supports Industry standards - for Arm ecosystems.



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