Get into gaming mode and step into our Arcade. Take part in House Hunt, with a first-person perspective in a 3D world designed to explore devices running Machine Learning on Arm. Investigate a Hacker’s Den, revealing the secrets of IoT security.

Or go retro, in the platform-based Super Design Quest.

Arm Arcade is a desktop experience. Please log in from a PC or laptop.

Please note the Arcade experience is in English. Terms and Conditions apply.

House Hunt

Our homes are full of devices running Machine Learning on Arm. Race against the clock to find as many as you can in this developer’s house.

Hacker’s Den

Ready to go undercover? Sneak into the hacker’s den to find the IoT devices that could have been protected using PSA Certified.

Super Design Quest

Navigating SoC design flow can be tricky. Fortunately, Arm’s expert Engineers are at hand. Power up with our team to avoid critical errors, gain project milestone sign offs, and ultimately get your design to market as fast as possible!