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Track Descriptions

Arm DevSummit 2020 virtual conference brings engineers and developers from both software and hardware into one place to learn, exchange knowledge, discuss real-world use cases and solutions and get hands-on with expert-led, deep-dive trainings and workshops.

During this technical conference, engineers and developers will advance their skills to the next level with best practices for cloud native and mobile development, tackle industry challenges for autonomous technology, machine learning, IoT and infrastructure, all the way to exploring the latest advancements in chip design.

Arm and its ecosystem provide deep insight into foundational hardware, enabling software development teams to build, deploy and manage the world’s best performing, richest and most impactful next-generation experiences through artificial intelligence, automotive, internet of things (IoT), security and 5G.


AI in the Real World: From Development to Deployment

The explosion of data combined with the latest innovations in software have brought AI to the forefront of technology. From using complex neural networks to fight global pandemics to helping a robot solve Rubik’s cubes, developers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. AI technologies are enabling endless opportunities for us to solve real-world challenges. Meet with AI thought leaders, technology experts and gain hands-on experience with our tools to develop the future of AI for all.

Building the IoT: Efficient, Secure and Transformative Software Development

The IoT is rapidly disrupting all markets through transformative technologies and new product and service innovations. The collection and processing of unprecedented amounts of data is fundamental to this digital revolution – requiring new levels of on-device processing, edge-intelligence, end-to-end security, scalable approaches to device, connectivity and data management, and foundational security to underpin trust in the value IoT will deliver. This track will offer hands-on training and interactive learning to engage and educate IoT developers on best practices and essential tools for taking their ideas all the way from concept to production.

Chip Design Methodology

Modern chip design has moved beyond silicon. Demands for increasingly complex multicore, secure, and low-power and systems are increasing while designers are leveraging new processor and offload schemes to deliver efficient, targeted solutions.

Cloud Native Developer Experience

From operating systems, to modern language support to containerized and virtualized environments, and CI/CD tooling, these sessions will teach best practices for cloud native development targeting Arm architecture in the cloud and at the edge.

Creating the Next Generation of Interactive Experiences

There has never been a more exciting time to be a mobile developer – from rapid advances in machine learning, the many applications of augmented reality, and the explosion of social content creation. Underpin this with a renewed imperative for securing private data, and you know there is a lot to learn and consider – all while hitting deadlines. Join us for thought leadership, hands-on workshops, cutting edge development techniques and tools that help you.

Infrastructure of Modern Computing

Whether High Performance Computing or Networking or Storage, modern computing requires a wealth of tooling and optimization. This track will show you how to make the most of Arm based infrastructure.

The Journey to Autonomous

Nowhere has electronics design revolutionized product development more than in the automotive, smart manufacturing, and industrial sectors. From assisted and autonomous driving to robotics in industrial applications, Arm and its partners will share insight and instruction into some of today’s most interesting engineering challenges, including real-time signal processing, machinery control, embedded vision, predictive maintenance, and functional safety.

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