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Thank You to Our 2020 Workshop Leaders

At Arm DevSummit 2020, our workshops provided hands-on experience in areas such as implementing machine learning and protecting against security vulnerabilities. Tackled design challenges in an interactive environment.

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AI in the Real World:  From Development to Deployment

Simplified Deep Learning Using OpenMV Cam, Arduino, and Edge Impulse

Host: Kwabena Agyeman (OpenMV, LLC)

In this workshop, Kwabena Agyeman will show attendees how to quickly train a TensorFlow Lite Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for image classification using an OpenMV Cam and Edge Impulse. Then deploy the CNN on an OpenMV Cam and have it running immediately. Finally, attendees will connect the  OpenMV Cam to an Arduino to easily control devices in the real-world. This is a Workshop Plus session for an additional $79. Development kit included.*

This technical workshop is brought to you by: OpenMV, LLC

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tinyML Development With TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers and CMSIS-NN

Hosts: Peter Warden (Google) and Fredrik Knutsson (Arm)

Deep Neural Networks are becoming increasingly popular in endpoint devices. Developers can perform data analytics on devices with reduced latency and energy consumption. Join Google and Arm in this workshop where we will introduce how Google’s TensorFlow Lite for microcontrollers (TFLu) and its integration with CMSIS-NN maximize ML application performance. Learn how to run a person detection sample with TFLu and CMSIS-NN on an Arduino Nano device. This is a Workshop Plus session for an additional $79. Development kit included.*

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Arm and Google

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Building the IoT: Efficient, Secure and Transformative Software Development

Containers Over-the-air: Building Your First IoT Device

Host: David Tischler (Balena)

This workshop is designed to be a beginner lesson in how to deploy and manage IoT devices, in this case using the Balena Cloud platform and Arm-powered devices such as a Raspberry Pi. Attendees can follow along at home as they are guided through account set-up, building their first container, and pushing it to their device. Participants with a SenseHAT or similar will leave the workshop with a fully functional IoT device. This is a Workshop Plus session for an additional $79. Development kit included.*

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Balena

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Secure IoT Lifecycle Management with Pelion Device Management

Hosts: Gary Sugita (Infineon), Mohit Kedia (Arm) and Maclain Lobdell (Arm)

This hands-on workshop will allow participants to experience secure device management with Arm Pelion device managements services using Cypress (now Infineon) PSoC 64 secure MCUs. Participants will be able to securely onboard, manage, and update a PSoC 64 kit with Pelion and will learn how security is implemented at every lifecycle stage of their IoT application. This is a Workshop Plus session for an additional $79. Development kit included.*

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Cypress Semiconductor & Arm

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Cloud Native Developer Experience

Cloud Native Networking and Service Mesh: KubeEdge/Istio/Envoy/Cilium

Hosts: André Martins (Isovalent), Lizan Zhou (Tetrate), Dave Chen (Arm), Jingzhao Ni (Arm) and Tina Tsou (Arm)

KubeEdge/Istio/Envoy/Cilium have been widely used in modern Cloud Native developing. In this workshop, we start from one real world use case of highly Geo distributed cloud-native application, a Freeway ETC(Electronic Toll Collection) system, then discuss how to build cloud native applications on Arm based infrastructure with combination of these open source projects.

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Arm, Isovalent & Tetrate

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Creating the Next Generation of Interactive Experiences

App Unknown: An Introduction to Rapid Security Analysis on Arm

Hosts: Tim Strazzere (Corellium) and Rob Turner (Corellium)

How do you quickly analyze a potentially-malicious Android application and ARM binary? Efficiency is critical. There may not be enough time to disassemble the code, walking through it line by line. The larger the backlog, the more likely a threat slips through. Follow along with our interactive workshop to learn essential concepts and technical skills to quickly triage a suspect binary.

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Corellium

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Build Once and Deploy Anywhere With Unity AR Foundations

Hosts: Jase Assor (Unity) and Dan Miller (Unity)

Get hands-on with Unity’s AR Foundations and learn more about Unity MARS in this workshop on building multi-platform AR applications. AR Foundations is an abstraction layer, making it easy to leverage Unity powerful tools to build AR applications across Android, iOS, Hololens 2 and Magic Leap 1. We’ll take you through the basics of AR authoring using Unity.

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Unity

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Infrastructure of Modern Computing

Hands on With EC2 Instances Powered by Arm-based AWS Graviton2 Processors

Host: Arthur Petitpierre (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Graviton2 based Amazon EC2 instances provide up to 40% better price performance compared to comparable current generation x86-based instances for a wide variety of workloads. In this workshop, we will get hands on with spinning up these Arm-based instances on AWS and discuss the tools available to dev/test Arm-based applications in the cloud.

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Amazon Web Services

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Tech for Global Goals: The World’s Largest To-Do List

Combating COVID-19 With AI

Hosts: Alexander Wong (DarwinAI), Karl Fezer (Arm) and Wei Xiao (Arm)

Deep Learning applications have touched almost every industry. With healthcare systems becoming increasingly overburdened in the past few months, everyone in the healthcare delivery chain are looking for ways to deliver better health outcomes faster with fewer resources. Arm’s ecosystem partner DarwinAI open sourced COVID-Net – a deep neural network which examines chest X-rays to detect COVID-19 infections. In this workshop, attendees will learn how DarwinAI built COVID-Net for embedded devices. We will run the model using Arm’s inference framework Arm NN for detection and benchmark its performance with Tensorflow Lite. You will gain hands-on experience with ML frameworks and tools.

This technical workshop is brought to you by: DarwinAI & Arm

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The Journey to Autonomous

Autoware – Open Source Software for Autonomous Vehicles

Host: Lalith Vipulananthan (Tier IV)

This workshop will introduce developers to the leading open source Autonomous Drive (AD) software, Autoware. Developers will be shown how to use the Autoware software architecture and its functionalities. A demo of Autoware running on an Arm segment development platform (SDP) will be shown to help developers get started on the Autoware platform.

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Tier IV

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Live Treasure Hunt With an Arm-based Robot – Misty

Host: Justin Woo (Misty Robotics)

Would you like to learn how to program an Arm-based robot live? Learn how to program Misty, a programmable personal robot, using her RESTful APIs and then help her navigate to find a treasure and a prize using those APIs. Misty can be programmed in any language and no experience in robotics required.

This technical workshop is brought to you by: Misty Robotics

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*Arm will use reasonable efforts to provide and deliver the developer kits, subject to delivery service changes, shipping delays and restrictions, export control regulations, specific requirements for various jurisdictions, and other causes outside of Arm’s reasonable control, which may impact Arm’s ability to provide and deliver the developer kits in a timely fashion, if at all.

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