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The Journey to Autonomous

Track Overview

Nowhere has electronics design revolutionized product development more than in the automotive, smart manufacturing, and industrial sectors. From assisted and autonomous driving to robotics in industrial applications, Arm and its partners will share insight and instruction into some of today’s most interesting engineering challenges, including real-time signal processing, machinery control, embedded vision, predictive maintenance, and functional safety.

Track Highlights

Arm DevSummit is a premier forum for seeing the future of autonomous vehicles and robotics. Software developers will discover the leading projects contributing to tomorrow’s autonomous systems stack, and hardware developers will come together to determine the system architectures that will underpin the autonomous era.

Keynote Presentation from Alexander Hitzinger of Artemis, a Subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, on the Future of Autonomous Vehicles and Markets

Technical Sessions on Autonomous Workloads, Emerging Architectures, and Enabling Technologies including ROS, Autoware and More

Group Presentations on Prototyping, Power Consumption and Shortening Time to Market

Networking, Office Hours with Autonomous Industry Experts, Resource Libraries and More

Hear from Top Technologists from Arm and the World of Autonomous

Autonomous driving represents one of the most important areas of investment for Volkswagen Group. In fact, the company has been innovating with the technology for more than 15 years. Hear about Volkswagen’s latest advancements and its vision for a safer and more environmentally friendly autonomous future.

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Simon Segars

Simon has driven technical and business innovations to help transform the company into the leading architect of the most pervasive compute technology the world has ever seen.

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Simon Segars
Chief Executive Officer, Arm

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Alexander Hitzinger

Alexander Hitzinger is responsible for the development of new technologies for electric, highly automated driving and an extensive ecosystem around the car.

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Alexander Hitzinger
Chief Executive Officer, Artemis, a Subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group

Hands-on Workshops and
Engineering Accreditation


Autoware – Open Source Software for Autonomous Vehicles


This workshop will introduce developers to the leading open source Autonomous Drive (AD) software, Autoware. Developers will be shown how to use the Autoware software architecture and its functionalities. A demo of Autoware running on an Arm segment development platform (SDP) will be shown to help developers get started on the Autoware platform. This technical workshop is brought to you by Tier IV.




Boost your expertise and career with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) Certification. Whether you’re looking to maintain your license or enhance your resume, you can accrue IEEE professional development hours (PDHs) and continuing education units (CEUs) throughout the Arm DevSummit seven-track program. This valuable accreditation is an add-on available for an additional $25.

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